Capture and inspect the colors in your photos.

Capture Colors

Capture colors from your photos – open a photo then use your finger to extract a color.

Live Capture

View colors in real time with Live Capture Mode. You can also freeze the camera at any time for more precise capture.

Detailed Color Information

The most advanced color picker app available. See complementary colors, tints, shades, tones, and more.

Color Spaces

View color representations in over a dozen different color spaces, including CIELAB, HSL, RGB, CMYK and many more.

Similar Colors

View similar and related colors in RAL Classic, Material, Open Color, Websafe and many other schemes.

iCloud Sync

Colordrop syncs your colors with iCloud, so they're available on all of your devices.

Add by Hex

Save colors manually using a hexadecimal color code. You can also use a color picker wheel.


Group your colors together with tags. Add as many tags as you want, and easily search for them in-app or in Spotlight.

Accessibility Tools

Colordrop makes it easy to check color contrasts against the WCAG standard. You can also simulate how colors look to people with color vision deficiencies.

Creative Cloud

Import photos from your Adobe Creative Cloud libraries, or save and upload new colors or palettes.


Find your colors from anywhere – Colordrop has a powerful built-in search, but also indexes your colors in Spotlight.

Color Descriptions

Colordrop provides a neat description of your colors in words that everyone understands.


Export colors in a range of formats, making them easy to use in other apps. Export to JSON, ASE (Adobe), Procreate Swatch and more.